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Please take a look at our SI Window Care & Maintenance documents for all you SI Window product needs. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

SI Windows wants to make sure you know how to care for and install your products. It is important to us that you have a good experience with our windows, and want to make them last for you as long as possible. Please tasks a look at our window care and installation tips.

Window Installation Tips

Windows must be installed level, plumb, and square and weatherproof their openings. Improper installation is the greatest cause of malfunction for windows and sliding doors. Install per standard CA WM 400-95 or ASTM E-2112 and consult all local applicable laws and ordinances, building codes and safety requirements, and local weather conditions to ensure proper compliance with respect to installation.

  1. Window must be installed in a weatherproof manner using minimum of 9" flashing paper. Installer is responsible for weather proofing window. Installer needs to check all joints to make sure they are sealed before and after installing.
  2. Apply a generous bead of caulking around the inside perimeter of the nail fin in accordance with AAMA standards. Apply a second bead of caulking after window is installed, from the nailing fin to flashing paper at the jambs and sill, tool caulking making sure all fasteners are sealed. Caulk head flashing to nail fin.
  3. Install level, plumb and square with a 1/4" clearance on all jambs and headers for windows and doors.
  4. All exposed surfaces should be cleaned of plaster, cement, paint, excess caulk, and other debris as soon as possible.
  5. Do not use windows for scaffold support of place scaffold against flashing paper. Do not use windows to clean towels.
  6. DOOR: Liberally caulk under sill for sealing out water. Apply a bead of caulking between the interface of concrete and door sill. Seal all sill screw-ports.
  7. Proper installation is essential to ensure smooth operation of the window. It is recommended that the general operation of the window be checked before exterior and interior applications are applied. SI Windows assumes no responsibility for improper installation.

Vinyl Window & Door Additional Instructions

  1. Do not drop or strike with any object.
  2. Store at a slight lean against a wall on a flat, level area, under cover, and allow sufficient space between products for ventilation. Store so that full width of window head is supported.
  3. Do not lift by head of window only.
  4. Protect vinyl doorsills from traffic and damage. Full support under sills must be provided.
  5. Install windows with full support under the windowsill, by resting flat on level sill plate.
  6. For exterior siding applications, apply an engineered caulked joint. Ensure all sealant joints and flashing are weatherproof once installation of the window(s) and door(s) are completed.
  7. The use of expansion type foam around the window may cause damage or impair operation. Any repairs to or replacement of the window necessitated to the use of expansion foam insulation will NOT be covered by the warranty: Any space around the window should be filled with loose batten type insulation.

Window Care & Maintenance

  1. Remove all dust, dirt, paint, and plaster.
  2. Keep sill clean at all times. Use vacuum crevice attachment on inside tract to remove dust and dirt. Remove inside track on vinyl windows and vacuum with crevice attachment.
  3. Do not plug weep holes at sill.
  4. Wash window frames with mild soap and water.
  5. Care should be taken when using metal or sharp objects such as razor blades, as improper use/damage to the glass and void the SI Windows warranty.

CAUTION: The use of solvents, petroleum products, or caustic chemicals, such as acetone or paint thinner to clean windows will damage the units and finish of window. This damage is not covered by warranty. The application of any film or applied tinting treatment to an insulated glass unit may cause unit failure and void the SI Windows. warranty. Window blinds hung within 1" of windows and patio doors voids the SI Windows warranty.