Replacing Windows Helps Increase Home Resell Value

There are many ways homeowners can increase the value of their home. However, in a highly unstable real estate market, it is hard to know what renovation techniques will have the biggest impact on the property value. While some renovations like remodeling the kitchen space or creating a beautiful outdoor space for hosting big parties can increase home value; they are also expensive investments. Minor modifications like window replacement and doors can give you a real value for your small investment.

Replacing old windows with new ones can not only result in a good return on investment but also gives the homeowners a comfortable, quality life.

Reasons why replacement windows can increase the value of our homes:

Windows Make Your Home Brighter

Good quality glass windows allow natural light to enter your home, making it brighter and more pleasant. Energy efficient windows only allow natural light to get in but block the harmful UV rays from entering the house.

When your house receives ample natural light, your need to switch on the artificial ones reduces and this results in reduced energy bills.

Replacement Windows Make Your Home Energy Efficient

Energy efficient homes are in big demand among today’s potential buyers as everybody wants to save money by going green.

Most of the energy loss in your house occurs through doors and windows, especially if the glass is not sealed tight to the pane. Due to poor design and poor quality of materials, the old windows allow a great deal of heat to enter your house during summer and similarly, releases a fair amount of heat during winter.

With energy efficient replacement windows, you can maintain the desired temperature in your home more effectively, without putting an additional pressure on your HVAC system. This will make your home more comfortable at a lower energy cost.

Windows Make the Exterior of Your Home More Appealing

You can replace your old windows with new ones to add more curb appeal to your beautiful home.

Although wooden windows give a classic touch to your home, they need regular maintenance. On the other hand, modern vinyl glass windows keep their look and integrity longer, sometimes for a lifetime, with minimum maintenance.

When you put up your house up for sale, beautifully designed replacement windows will create a positive impression in the minds of potential buyers as everybody wants their house to look good and stand out in the neighborhood.

The Types of Windows You Can Choose From

The specific value of return on investment from adding new replacement windows primarily depends on the market of your area and more specifically depends on what kind and type of window you choose.

If you have a budget restrain, you can go for the vinyl frames that are both cheaper and durable and are energy efficient compared to the wooden ones. But if budget is not an issue, go for wooden frames that are covered in either aluminum, fiberglass or vinyl. This not only makes the windows highly attractive but also, gives them a high rating in energy efficiency.

For Colder Regions: Go for double or single-hung windows which are slightly expensive but, do a wonderful job in blocking the cold air completely.

For Warmer Regions: Windows with spectrally selective low-emissivity coatings are a more suitable option for you.
Also, Low-e coatings on windows reflect the air conditioning back into the home’s interior by reducing the overall solar heat gain of the house by up to as much as 70%.

ENERGYSTAR Certified Windows: These windows are rated by the Department of Energy and the EPA for high energy performance and can give you a savings of anywhere between $27 to $465 on your energy cost, depending on your HVAC system and your location.

If you live in an area with an extreme variation in low and high temperature, you can see the maximum difference in energy expenses when you replace your old windows with ENERGY-STAR certified replacement windows.

An added incentive with ENERGY-STAR certified windows is that the federal government currently offers a tax credit of 10% on the cost of the windows. Mathematically, that can go up to a saving of at least $200.

Aesthetically Pleasing: If energy efficiency is not your top priority, you can install the trendy large picture windows. These windows come with a wide single-pane glass to give you a clean uninterrupted view of the outdoors from your breakfast table or from your living room. Their simple design also makes them a nice complement to modern architecture.

Installing replacement windows in your home is an easy and costeffective way to increase its value and improve the quality of life of the homeowners.

If you want your home to be brighter, more energy efficient and more appealing, you should consider replacing your old windows with new ones. There will be a bigger return on investment. Plus, with a variety of options and designs available in the market, you have plenty to choose from within your budget!




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